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There have been few moments over the last ten years where I’ve been far from a grid full of little soldiers duking it out turn by turn. There was a lull, certainly in attention, after the ’90s, but then XCOM: Enemy Unknown came along and lit a fire under the genre, arguably kicking off the decade of turn-based tactics games – a title I’d never have imagined it earning at the start.

I say ‘arguably’ not because there is any doubt that this has been a fantastic decade full of smart, came out in 2011, a year before , and was just as impressive. It didn’t quite have the same impact, however. is a reimagining of a series that was already acclaimed, but with a more cinematic and character-driven bent. Squads are also smaller, but more customisable, making the loss of any of them devastating – a trend that’s largely been continued.

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PC Powerplay
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