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● Camera+ 2

here’s a tendency with manual camera apps to baffle you with an interface akin to an Airbus flightdeck. Not Camera+ 2, which offers manual controls wrapped in a friendly interface. Big yellow buttons ensure you never find yourself in

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Hitch ’em Up To Hi-res
Arriving later this year, Spotify’s new tier is promising CD-quality audio at last… and at a price that should undercut Tidal HiFi in a big way. £14/m (est) / Amazon goes cheaper than its rivals? Quelle surprise, although it’s £2 more if
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For Those About To Lock
from £180 / ■ There’s something amiss with the Bold Smart Lock – it’s arrived without keys. Rivals like the Brisant-Secure Ultion Smart and August Smart Lock include key-entry options, but not here. It’s either your phone or enter a
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£free (IAP) / Android, iOS Carrot Weather is both stick and, er, carrot. The stick is a new pricing structure – more on that later – and its sassy attitude. The carrot is everything else. It provides forecasts, but will say clouds “contain trace amou