Everyone’s talking about: Planned obsolescence

If you’re the owner of a Sonos smart speaker and you fancy picking up an upgrade, Sonos will offer you a discount if you recycle your old device. That’s great, isn’t it? You get a cheaper speaker,

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Streaming Games Around Your Home
While you wait for Google’s Stadia and Microsoft’s Project xCloud to become viable and available in Australia, did you know it’s already possible to stream games you own to devices around your house, including mobiles and TV screens? You can play you
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Getting Your Key For Icedove
Make sure to start Icedove (known as Thunderbird in 3.0) when Tails informs you that Tor is ready. If you’re privacy conscious it’s probably best to create a new email address to be used exclusively with Tails. If you’re feeling lazy you can just ent
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Stretching Could Be The Missing Piece To Your Workout Puzzle
When talking about exercise, we often think about the number of reps performed at the gym, or laps swam at the pool. But what often doesn’t get a mention is the training that takes place outside of these workouts. We know it’s important to stretch be