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WHAT’S TO COME… “We will look at everything from next-gen logins with hardware tokens to basics like SSH keys.”

When you install Linux on your desktop,

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Monitoring Cycles In Directory Trees
We’re going to use Python 3 to write Linux command line utilities that work with files and finds cycles in directory trees. The thinking here is that it’s faster to write in Python 3 than to use C. However, the tutorial presents some directions for d
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Start Here
Using Linux for the first time can be very confusing. It’ll most likely be unlike anything that you’ve operated before, especially if you’re used to Microsoft Windows or Apple macOS. Generally our DVDs are designed to be run directly, which is to say
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Also Consider
If you see an interesting-looking piece of Linux music software, make sure that it’s still being supported. There are many old projects that look good, but that have been abandoned by the developers. Rosegarden ( is a traditio