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Robot challenges

For any teacher, there will always be challenges when mastering a new curriculum. However, the biggest roadblock experienced was working in a computer lab that was governed by district information technology policies, which created some serious problems. The speedbumps began with a unit on programming robots. The district only supported Windows computers in the

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Make Your Own Laptop
While many modern laptops are becoming ever more difficult to open up to fix or upgrade components (MacBooks and Microsoft’s Surface lineup are particularly notorious for gluing everything together), the Framework Laptop looks set to buck this trend
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Quick Tip
In Logo we used commands to move around the screen. For example, FORWARD and LEFT. But we can shorten these commands for ease of use. FD and LT perform the exact same functions. At any time in microM8 we can click in the top-left corner of the scre
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Getting Started In 3D Using Blender
There’s no doubt about it, Blender is an amazing piece of software. It’s a complete 3D graphics creation application with sections for modelling and sculpting, texturing, animation, physics simulation and many other areas. Whatever area of 3D graphic