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Get your very own black box

The MiBlackBox app (miblackbox. africa) was released last year.

“In a country where more than two million crimes were recorded in 2019, it has become increasingly important that those in an

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Farmer's Weekly2 min citite
Sugar Cane Growers Optimistic About Sweeter Fortunes
The profitability of South Africa’s primary sugar value chain has for years been undermined by factors such as competition from, and weak tariff protections against, cheap sugar imports; an “unprecedented” drought; plunging world sugar prices; and a
Farmer's Weekly5 min citite
Productive Ewes: The Bedrock Of The Jordaan Merino Stud
The basis of the Andrew Jordaan en Seuns Merino stud is a flock of 3 500 highly productive ewes that have a mean weight of between 55kg and 60kg and produce an average of 1,5 lambs a year and 3,8kg of wool every eight months. These admirable figures
Farmer's Weekly6 min cititeAgriculture
What Hampers Farm Mechanisation In Africa?
“Agricultural transformation is imperative for growth and poverty reduction in Africa. Yet progress has been elusive. The region is a net food importer despite the fact that agriculture accounts for 60% of employment. Main food crop yields are estima