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Apple iPad Air
From ₹54,900 apple.com/in Apple’s ‘Air’ products tend to be the ones targeted at most of its buyers, giving you high-end features but with a few corners cut from its ‘Pro’ ranges to keep the price down. Given that the iPad Air 2020 has many of the P
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Our Awards
Only a five-star review earn a product our prestigious Platinum Award We give this only to tech that stands out for stunning aesthetics or a clever build This award, and others like it, are given for exceptional performance in a key feature The
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Oculus Quest 2
oculus.com There’s no doubt that standalone headsets were always the future of VR – it was just a question of the components and the technology reaching a good enough standard to work without a PC. So has the Oculus Quest 2 – the sequel to 2019’s O