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Never too old

What a wonderful piece by Boyd Wild (, 29 February). I couldn't agree with him more! At 58 I gave up

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This Week In 1938
A female saxophone band, known as The Silver Sax Six, take advantage of the open air by rehearsing on the beach while on a tour of the south coast in April 1938. The tour included locations such as Margate. The leader of the group, seen on the left,
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Best Kit
This nifty little spirit level clips into the hot shoe and allows you to instantly see if your camera alignment›is both vertically and horizontally›correct. Vinyl backgrounds are easy to store because they roll up, and they easily wipe clean for tho
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Round One Winner, Young Amateur Photographer Of The Year
What a great picture! The tonal range is exquisite, with the silhouetted figures and tree in the foreground a deep black, the next line of trees a mid grey and, further back, a tree line of light grey. The figures are perfectly positioned in the fram