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a Flywheel exercise bike, you’ll have noticed it has stopped doing all the fancy Internet functions—no more live streaming classes at home. Flywheel launched its Peloton rival in 2017, and

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This Month We Dissect…
The Backbone One sneaks into the mobile gaming market with a handful of interesting features, including a pass-through Lightning port, headphone jack, and some dedicated controls, such as gameplay recording and instant muting. But is this compact iPh
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Konrad Zuse
Working alone, with financial help from the government, German engineer Konrad Zuse produced the first programmable computer in… 1941? Zuse’s work is often overlooked, but he began work in 1935 after becoming bored with the calculations he had to do
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10 Great Introductory VR Experiences
This one was bound to feature in our round-up. We know it’s been plastered everywhere, but Beat Saber is just so darn addictive. Rather like a futuristic electric twist on Guitar Hero (and we mean no offense to the latter), Beat Saber is very simple