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Maximum PC6 min cititeInternet & Web
Openhab And Mycroft
THE OPEN HOME AUTOMATION BUS, (openHAB) can connect all the diverse IoT appliances that may or may not be beginning to proliferate around your home. Typically these devices all have their own, often proprietary applications, but under the hood they u
Maximum PC5 min cititeComputers
Jitsi Meet
JITSI MEET IS A FREE, open-source video-conferencing program that you can connect to via a browser or smartphone app. You can use it by visiting https://meet. and choosing a name for your virtual meeting (or accepting one of the amusing ones t
Maximum PC3 min cititeTechnology & Engineering
HyperX Cloud Stinger S
HYPERX’S HEADSETS are frequently a good bet, and the new Stinger S addition to its Cloud line is no exception. The Stinger S goes in the opposite direction to the Stinger Core, which was a cheaper alternative to the original Stinger. At $60, the Stin