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editing Maximum PC. To think I’ve been at the helm for five years is incredible. It’s flown by. Five years that have seen some of the most important

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IBM Model M 1990
THE IBM MODEL M is a classic. First introduced in 1985, it is the successor to the Model F, which is an equally sought-after vintage keyboard, if not more so. The Model F had a more difficult layout, but the Model M changed this and became more user-
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Razer Blackshark V2 $100
AS FAR AS gaming peripherals are concerned, Razer seems to know how to make a strong product. As soon as you open the box you’re greeted with a card declaring: “Sound is just as important as sight when you’re in-game.” It’s not wrong, and the Blacksh
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La Fin!
AND THERE you have it, our attempt at building the best-value super-budget PC possible today. And hopefully by the time you read this, it hasn’t skyrocketed in price to $1,800 or something ridiculous. Nonetheless, we’re quite proud of this build—it l