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he hardware of the data protection field is better than ever, and iStorage is at the forefront, bringing straightforward, effective encryption solutions to

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Nvidia Kills Sli
NVIDIA IS PULLING THE PLUG on SLI—Scalable Link Interface. SLI is implemented in two modes: Implicit via the DirectX driver, and explicit, which is coded into the game. From January next year there will be no new implicit SLI profiles in the GeForce
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Nvidia Ampere Architecture Deep Dive
IT’S BEEN TWO YEARS since Nvidia unveiled the Turing architecture, ushering in the new era of ray-traced graphics for games. OK, let’s be frank: Raytracing adoption in games has been sluggish and often underwhelming. More accurate reflections, slight
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MSI MPG Sekira 500X
MSI DOESN’T VENTURE into the world of cases too often, generally making its money from laptops, motherboards, and GPUs. This feels evident in both the marketing material of the MPG Sekira 500X, and the case itself. Visit the product page on MSI’s web