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Homes & Gardens1 min cititeFashion
The Sourcebook: Stockists To Consider
Quality garden furniture that celebrates the best in British manufacturing fits the brief for stylish seating. A world away from mass-produced, plastic-coated plant supports, these traditional styles are mostly handmade, always in Bri
Homes & Gardens2 min citite
Bathroom News
Resistant like stone and transparent like glass, Cristalmood is a new coloured resin used here to create the striking Reflex Grand Cru bath, £9,408, from Bathroom Design Studio London. Composed of polyester resin mixed with coloured pigments, the mat
Homes & Gardens2 min cititeArchitecture
Planning Your Ideal Layout
Take a look at your space and consider your wish list. The fittings for a family bathroom are likely to be different to a luxurious en suite; a compact wet room different to a large spa-like bathroom. Plot out the fittings in your space, factoring in