Computer Music

Four of the best meters

Blue Cat Audio FreqAnalyst CM

Mac/PC, 32/64-bit

his is a variation of BC’s FreqAnalyst 2. As they say: “FreqAnalyst

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Klingon And On
cm: How did the Modus collaboration with Orchestral Tools come about? JR: “Hendrik [Schwarzer, MD of Orchestral Tools] called me and we started discussing various things. Composers in this industry can’t and don’t use a single library or a single c
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Jungle To Drum&bass
What is your view on how DnB has evolved? K: “It’s evolved and it’s done its thing. The spirit of what it is has changed a lot. What it is now hasn’t got the same ethos as it did when it started and I think that has got lost in translation. I get kid
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Ins & outs
Ever worry that your new track might be a rip-off of someone else’s? It seems Spotify may soon have a solution. They’ve reportedly filed for a patent for a new form of plagiarism detection technology, which could analyse your song and tell you how si