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Editor’s Letter

n this issue we bring you a new iPhone, the iPhone SE, which launched online via the usual Apple Event. Take a look at our thoughts on this impressive “budget” device on page.

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Essential Apple User Magazine2 min cititeComputers
Face ID or Touch ID Unlock Your iPad
1 Open the Settings app and scroll down the list of apps and features until you get to the one called Face ID & Passcode. Tap it to open these settings. 2 If you’ve set up a passcode on your iPad, whether four-digit, six-digit or alphanumeric, you mu
Essential Apple User Magazine2 min cititeComputers
More Scribbling!
If you draw a regular shape using your Apple Pencil, it’s automatically converted into a geometrically sound graphic. As soon as you lift the pencil, the shape is automatically reshaped, like the hexagon lampshade drawn here. The new, geometric shape
Essential Apple User Magazine6 min cititeComputers
iPadOS Exciting Tips & Tricks
If you want to delete an app or apps that you no longer need, tap and hold a Home page app icon; it doesn’t matter which, any icon will do. A menu window springs up showing various options. Tap the Edit Home Screen link found on this pop-up menu. Alt