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Samsung Portable SSD T7 Touch

● From £129 (500GB) ●

EARLIER this year we rounded up six of the best portable hard drives on the market and came to the conclusion that Samsung's Portable SSD T5 is one of the best options if you're after an incredibly small, lightweight drive that's reliable and robust. Since then Samsung

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Amateur Photographer1 min cititeScience & Mathematics
Laowa 100mm f/2.8 Ultra Macro for Pentax
GOOD news for Pentax DSLR users, with Laowa announcing that its highly regarded 100mm F2.8 2:1 Ultra Macro APO is now available in K mount. The lens features manual focus and aperture setting, and offers a class-leading twice life-size magnification
Amateur Photographer1 min cititePerforming Arts
Canon Cinematography
As the only 5D model to offer 4K video, many movie makers made a quick beeline to get their hands on the Mark IV. Capable of shooting 4K up to 30p, videographers also had the option of shooting Full HD at 60p and using it half-speed for a slow motion
Amateur Photographer2 min cititeScience & Mathematics
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
MY CURRENT 5D, the Mark IV has proved to be a reliable workhorse and I upgraded from the Mark III because I transitioned to shooting a lot of video content. The Mark IV brought a host of new video features, with the most important of them being the o