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Engineless Cruising
Sailing without an engine is not unusual. After all it takes place almost every weekend during the summer months at sailing clubs throughout the rivers and creeks of the East Coast. And at a guess, by thousands of very skilled sailors who will likely
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Sam Llewellyn
Sam Llewellyn writes nautical thrillers and edits The Marine Quarterly. He is currently patching up a 30ft ketch You know a useless tool when you see one In the bleak midwinter the boat is far to the north of here, dripping icicles. The toolbox, a cr
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Vendée Skipper Rescued By Rival
French solo skipper Kevin Escoffier has said he had no doubt that he’d be rescued after his IMOCA 60 PRB broke in two during the Vendée Globe. The 40-year-old, who’d been in third place in the round the world yacht race, had just minutes to put on hi