It’s possible to encrypt an existing data drive without wiping it in VeraCrypt using Encrypt in place. But there are drawbacks. Unlike encrypting your Windows installation,

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Gadget Guru
This may be preaching to the choir a little, since you are (of course) a regular reader, with (naturally) a subscription to the mag and a vast collection of smart technology cluttering up your every corner. But yes, tech can improve your central heat
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HyperX Cloud Buds Wireless
$79, Wireless earbuds come in different forms, but the neckband variety aren’t quite as popular as others tend to be. That extra piece that rests around the neck still serves a functional purpose, and if you’re in that camp, the
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Canon EOS R1 Rumored To Be Coming With Next-gen Autofocus And Key Video Feature
According to the reliable Canon Rumors, a “good source” has revealed that a new flagship Canon EOS R camera with Quad Pixel AF is a “strong possibility” and will likely be “shown to the world ahead of the Tokyo Summer Games, which [is planned for] Ju