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NextMind Brain Dev Kit

US$399, For anyone who already has their whole house connected via smart speakers, you’ll know that having to ask AI to turn out all your lights or put on the heater gets tedious after a while. Thanks to NextMind Brain

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Gadget Guru
This may be preaching to the choir a little, since you are (of course) a regular reader, with (naturally) a subscription to the mag and a vast collection of smart technology cluttering up your every corner. But yes, tech can improve your central heat
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HyperX Cloud Buds Wireless
$79, Wireless earbuds come in different forms, but the neckband variety aren’t quite as popular as others tend to be. That extra piece that rests around the neck still serves a functional purpose, and if you’re in that camp, the
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Canon EOS R1 Rumored To Be Coming With Next-gen Autofocus And Key Video Feature
According to the reliable Canon Rumors, a “good source” has revealed that a new flagship Canon EOS R camera with Quad Pixel AF is a “strong possibility” and will likely be “shown to the world ahead of the Tokyo Summer Games, which [is planned for] Ju