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uesdays are the most popular day for making enquiries on the Bauer Media Group truck and machinery

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Deals On Wheels Australia9 min cititeAutomotive
DRIVE ON THE Wild side
I must admit that, when I first spotted the Wild’s Livestock twin-steer Kenworth, it blew me away! It went straight to the top of my ‘I’ve got to know the story behind that’ list. I thought it was going to be such a cool restoration story. I was so w
Deals On Wheels Australia7 min cititeAutomotive
FUSO Takes Charge
Daimler Trucks Australia chief Daniel Whitehead is an affable, agreeable bloke. Most of the time. However, there are other times when, with his competitive instincts suitably stoked or umbrage taken at something or someone considered less than adequa
Deals On Wheels Australia1 min citite
Compressors Inflate Buyer Interest
Trucks, buses, light commercials and compressors were the product types to experience the biggest increases in buyer enquiries on Australia’s leading transport classifieds network in the first quarter of 2021, new data reveals. More than 23,000+ stoc