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NZ Hunter6 min citite
REDEMPTION Alpine Double
Monty was as keen as mud and was already in the valley with his old man Garth. I was to meet them a few hours up the valley and then we would continue on to a head basin we had talked about visiting, and where Monty had previously seen some good-siz
NZ Hunter5 min citite
Stewart Island Cherry Popper
Two weeks later Dan popped into work for a chat and I mentioned I wouldn’t be focusing on the Sika roar next year; I was looking into Stewart Island. Straight away he was in. Sweet, two people confirmed, nine months to go and four more people needed.
NZ Hunter7 min citite
Women In Hunting
I'll also admit that pre-hunting, my version of the hunter stereotype was a strong, lean man with a big beard who thrived on roughing it in the bush for days on end. So I embarked on a quest to balance the scale by seeking inspiration from several