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ive an abstract a companion! Lean them against the wall, stack them or hang them. You’ll find this simple trick makes. Button large solid ash wall hooks, $13 each, .

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Craft for Kids
Whether it’s a special occasion or ‘just because’, awards are fun to make, give and receive. A plethora of polka dot, striped and other patterned paper baking cases to choose from promotes creativity. • Assorted regular-size and mini paper cases • Sc
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Madeleine Pans
BUY NOW! ONLY $19.95 FOR 2* You can create a variety of gorgeous goodies and enjoy delicious results with your silicone madeleine pans – perfect for dainty French madeleines and other cakes, chocolate-making and so much more. The flexible silicone ma
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BEGONIAS Beguiling
Get the best of both worlds – foliage that dazzles and flowers that enchant. Whatever you need, there’s room for a begonia, be it a sinuous, statuesque cane begonia or a mass of little waxy wonders that turn your beds into blazes of colour. Or, pick