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We’ve finally found the last grinder anyone will ever need. The Royale G from Pre-Royale is a sleek and compact grinder with a removable stainless steel mesh screen

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Good Cannabis vs. Bad Cannabis
Potency generally refers to the level of delta-9-THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). Recently, hemp vendors have learned that delta-8-THC also produces psychoactive effects; however, it’s not as powerful as delta-9-THC. Other cannabinoids, or active
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Top Five Strains
“Strong, sativa-leaning buds” (Fort Wayne, IN) “Legendary genetics, nice high.” (Philadelphia, PA) “Tastes like a basketful of candy on Easter morning!” (Mendocino, CA) “Really high percentage of CBD, 18 percent!” (Anchorage, AK) ■
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Twaxed Joint
A “twaxed” joint is not just a joint—it’s a super-powered joint. Joints can be adorned with all sorts of add-ons, such as twaxing with dabs or wax, sugar leaves, diamonds, kief, etc. “Essentially, all cannabis concentrates can be added to a joint—or