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It goes without saying I hope this note finds you and yours safe and well. We’ve tried to keep mention of “world developments” to a minimum in this issue,

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Model 992 Carrera S Year 2020
Capacity 2,981cc Compression ratio 10.2:1 Maximum power 450hp @ 6,500rpm Maximum torque 530Nm @ 2,300-5,000rpm Transmission Seven-speed manual, rear-wheel drive Front McPherson strut type, Porsche-optimized with anti-roll bar Rear Lightweight m
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Porsche has announced an exciting new project with Siemens Energy and a host of other international companies in the development of synthetic eFuels fit for its sports cars with combustion engines. Zuffenhausen says that the pilot project is expected
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Total 911 verdict
A pedal and a stick elevates the driving engagement in the 992 to new highs for those among us who crave such things. It also categorically underlines that Porsche remains at its core a company that understands the joy of puristic, old-school driving