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coming full circle, so my final “Lab Note” is about my dad. He graduated with a degree in computer science from Cal Poly Pomona, when PCs were heavy, all-in-one machines, with screens that looked like tiny TVs, and spent most of his life designing PC hardware. When

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Manage Your Docker Containers Easily
YOU’LL NEED THIS A PC OR MAC RUNNING DOCKER Better still, an Ubuntu-powered PC running Docker, Cockpit, and Cockpit-Docker). LAST ISSUE WE REVEALED how to set up your own headless server running Ubuntu Server, complete with remote access via the Cock
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A Colossal Secret
Your country is at war, and you start picking up directional radio signals that sound like nothing you’ve ever heard before. The enemy is highly mechanized, makes use of the latest technology, and has a record of using complex codes and ciphers in it