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ail crazes come and go, including the shape – and some are right out there (see chart), but squoval is here to stay. Why? Well, since it reflects the natural curve of the nail bed it’s the most flattering, and is also

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How To SAVE On A Reno
Just as you spend time researching and selecting the right materials and designs, according to Effie Zahos in her new book, Ditch the Debt and Get Rich (Are Media, $29.99), it’s essential to choose the right tradespeople. “Don’t just go for the lowes
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Straight To The HART
There are no rules to follow when you establish a cottage garden – no right way or wrong way, as there is when you’re planning the shape of a formal garden where order, symmetry and perfect tidiness reign supreme. A cottage garden such as Hartvale is
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Better Pets
Australians lost hundreds of thousands of dollars last year to puppy scams. Many pet lovers were targeted in the rush to buy a furry companion online to help combat the loneliness of social isolation. In fact, Scamwatch reported a spike in puppy scam