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Legacy Raymarine equipment on Mike’s Malo 34 was becoming harder to keep in good working condition. “The anemometer at the top of the mast kept causing me trouble

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Shortlist Propellers
Also manufactured by Bruntons in Essex using high quality nickel aluminium bronze, the Varifold is designed to appeal to racers and fast cruisers. As a folder, it offers less resistance in sail mode than its Autoprop sister. Blades: 2, 3 or 4; Diamet
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Three Of The Best
A stunning Blue Water cruiser from the drawing board of esteemed designer Peter Ibold, an American naval architect probably best known for his Enduance class of blue water cruisers. His designs have always married comfort with seaworthiness and Black
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Socially Distanced Sailing
Don’t worry, we haven’t come to rob the place!” I said to the slightly bemused member of Keyhaven Yacht Club. The wearing of face coverings in shops had been mandatory for some time, but it wasn’t enforced in pubs, restaurants or clubhouses. With our