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Grab the Good Vibes

PICTURE THIS: The lockdown is over and you’re seated at a conference room at work when a new exec strides in. You’ve never seen her before, and you’re captivated. Her vibe? Commanding. Her energy? Infectious. Blame it on the fact that you’ve been self-isolating since forever, but all you want to do is blurt out: “Teach me your ways!” On the flip side, if a colleague always brings antagonism to meetings, you’ll

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Pocket Change
You can track up to 12 customisable habits with assigned days, completions per day and timers. Plus, it offers advice if you haven’t checked off a task in a while. $7.99, iOS. Consider this your wellbeing journal – one that prompts you to identify yo
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Women's Health Australia
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Three Low-GI Winners
High-fibre, low-GI and a good source of protein, lentils hit all the right notes. Throw into lunchtime salads or use ‘em in curries and stews. Most nuts are low-GI. Team a small handful or a slick of nut butter with a piece of fruit for a satisfying,