A State-by-State Guide to When Waxing Salons Will Reopen Amid the Coronavirus

As more states around the country make a decision on whether or not to reopen or keep their stay-at-home orders in place a little longer due to the coronavirus, we're all wondering what that means for places like hair salons, nail salons, and waxing salons.

Seeing as people have been unable to access their professional services for months, many have taken up at-home alternatives to get by in the meantime, but some are desperately waiting to get back to an expert. As states with fewer cases re-evaluate and take steps to get back to a normal way of life, we can only assume that many of the nonessential businesses that were ordered to close back in March will start welcoming customers again - but when is the big question.

As of right now, waxing salons - - will stay closed until

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