Nvidia Shield

This is without doubt the best Android Smart TV device you can get. An incredibly sleek, super modern design allows you to hide it easily near your TV. It connects

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Rib Ticklers
Q: What should you do if your dog chews a dictionary? A: Take the words out of his mouth. Q: How do hair stylists speed up their job? A: They take short cuts! Q: What did the painter say to the wall? A: “I’ve got you covered.” Q: What is a spacema
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BE THE ENVY OF YOUR FRIENDS WITH ONE OF THESE AWESOME NEW GRITT FLUXX SCOOTERS – IN BLACK AND MARBLE RED! Grit Pro Scooters is at the forefront of the scooter riding scene in Australia and quickly became one of the fastest growing Pro Scooter brand
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Enter To Win
BY SNAIL MAIL: KRASH Magazine Shame Shack PO Box 230 Double Bay NSW 1360 ENTER ONLINE: You can enter the Shame Shack online. Get onto the web and go to and go to the Shame Shack box. Don’t forget your age, name and address!