what to do when THOUGHTS ARISE

Q Sometimes when I’m meditating a thought arises that feels really important. What should I do about important thoughts and ideas that arise when I’m meditating—and what

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True Happiness Comes From Your Higher Self
An authentic life is a happy life. When we follow the world’s cues, we move farther away from our authentic self—that wise, all-knowing part of ourselves I like to call the “higher self.” Your higher self knows you well. It recognizes your highest go
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Each year more than 2 million Americans suffer from chronic difficulties like headaches, anxiety, and trouble focusing following a concussion. Researchers at the University of Connecticut reviewed 22 studies where mindfulness-based interventions wer
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My mother lived to 97, the last survivor of her generation within her family, her extended family, and her circles of friends. In her last years, her body was wracked with pain. As her pain and loss mounted, I saw how small my pains were by compariso