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ACTOR Miles Teller was forced to borrow over R1-million to fund his studies at the renowned New York University. Former US president Barack Obama was in his 40s when he finished paying off his student loan debt. While Grey’s Anatomy darling Kate Walsh admits she only paid off her ‘thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars’ of student loan debt at age 37. Some debt is a necessary evil and student loans may be

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HOW many times have you heard someone saying: “I’m not getting the flu vaccine again, it gave me flu last time?” Well, medically this is actually impossible. Firstly, parts of the flu virus that are used are dead, so no longer active and able to infe
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Cheesy French ONION SOUP
SERVES: 4 EASY: 1 HOUR 60g Salted butter500g Red onions, peeled and sliced3 Tablespons of cake flour60ml Red wine1L Vegetable stock2 Fresh bay leavesA small handful of fresh chopped thyme150g Frozen peasSalt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste
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HEARTTHROB Justin Bieber releases his fifth studio album, Changes, five years after his last album, and a lot has influenced him during the hiatus, resulting in a, well, change of direction. Essentially this is an R&B record, so it’s unlike anything