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Spotting symptoms


atigue is one of the most common symptoms across diseases. The central nervous system, a region impacted

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Understanding P-n Junctions
A p-n junction is part of an integrated circuit that acts as a barrier to conduction between two types of semiconductor material. In essence a p-n junction is therefore a type of diode, allowing current to flow or not flow in a specific direction.
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Change Of Mind
Oligodendrocyte cells are thought to negatively impact learning and memory. The brain doesn’t typically make them in adulthood, but as high levels of cortisol build in the brain the oligodendrocytes are produced. The seahorse-shaped hippocampus is a
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Charles Dickens
It has been 150 years since Charles Dickens died, 184 years since his first work was released to the public and 156 years since his last completed book came out. In all of this time, these novels have never been out of print. Dickens may have left us