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I’m going to take you through an experimental portrait sketch I made of Matt over the course of three days. I’ve painted him many times before but when he fixed his glasses (which I stepped on and broke) with blue painter’s tape, I was excited to try another.

I started this portrait in a way which was inspired by both the range of paint textures possible when working on Arches oil paper and the fact that Matt himself

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Apart from being a surface on which to mix, an artist’s palette is also simply a collection of colours that they’ve chosen to use. Some artists’ palettes can appear to be an almost random selection but generally most will be based on a range of cool
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Take a first sheet of paper and spend 30-60 minutes drawing from the National Gallery painting. Take note of every figure and, as much as possible, draw them in relation to one another. Try to get the whole composition in and be sensitive to the rect