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Cuddle More
When you hug someone special in your life your brain patterns fall into sync. A recent study found that partners who spent 45 minutes in close physical proximity tuned in to each other and exhibited the same brain patterns. Cuddling is also known to
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BUSHFIRES A YEAR ON Our Courtney’s legacy
Cherylleigh Partridge, 27, NSW Standing in front of two helium balloons, Courtney and I beamed at the camera. It was her 18th birthday and my baby sister was all grown up. It seemed like only yesterday that, as a seven-year-old, my dream of having
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Pets Are Pawsome!
Anywhere is a good place for a quick nap for Tigga. Stephanie Dent, Hallora, Vic Our rescue dog Evie (right) is with her cousin Douglas. Leonie Garth, Rokeby, Tas Charlie, Cooper and Chelsea – our three rescue babies love to sit at the wind