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Lockdown raises questions over messaging security

The rapid worldwide lockdown over the Covid-19 pandemic has help push a mass movement of tele-conferencing. This hasn’t just for been for work, but also to help people socialise, run quizzes and generally start hanging out together. But as is often the

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Ongoing Development
Chang S Bae (Intel) posted an RFC (Request For Comment) patch series implementing support for a forthcoming “Key Locker” feature on certain Intel x86 CPUs. This is supposed to provide “a mechanism to protect a data encryption key when processing the
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Using Active Directory with Debian & Samba
Like it or not, a lot of authentication uses Active Directory (AD) to manage users and resources. It’s a staple of the Windows world and until recently (Samba 4) there was no way to have a complete AD stack in FOSS to “talk proper AD”. Luckily, with
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Construct Your Own Mind-maps
Mind-mapping tools are designed to bring order to chaotic thoughts. They can be used for anything from a simple means of jotting down a few random thoughts to full-blown project management. A mind-map is basically a series of interconnected thoughts