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have been trying to buy/build a new PC. I investigated two suppliers and found that, for all the models I checked, under “OS supported” they both quoted only Windows 10. I queried this with one of them, and received

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All Your Database Are Belong To Us
At the risk of overextending an already slightly dubious metaphor, Kubernetes (k8s) is fast becoming the operating system of the cloud. But how did we get to this point? And how do complicated projects migrate to it? We were lucky enough to chat to P
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Quick Tip
In Logo we used commands to move around the screen. For example, FORWARD and LEFT. But we can shorten these commands for ease of use. FD and LT perform the exact same functions. At any time in microM8 we can click in the top-left corner of the scre
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Make Your Own Laptop
While many modern laptops are becoming ever more difficult to open up to fix or upgrade components (MacBooks and Microsoft’s Surface lineup are particularly notorious for gluing everything together), the Framework Laptop looks set to buck this trend