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Making Connections
Node hierarchies work on a parent/sibling/child basis. First, select the node you wish to create a relationship from, then do one of three things: choose Insert> New node, right-click the existing node and select Add node; press a key or key combo: I
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Raspberry Pi Pico
Raspberry Pi has a history of disrupting the status quo. In 2012, the first $35 Raspberry Pi offered a low-cost entry into a market of single-board computers that was dominated by boards costing in excess of $100. The Raspberry Pi Pico, the latest bo
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P4 Remotely Possible
If you have an SSH server running on your current machine then you can use Libvirt’s qemu+ssh:// protocol to use your virtual machines remotely, in just the same way as you’d use a remote desktop tool such as RDP for Windows or the cross-platform VNC