Linux Format


Determined users will find a way to install the distribution even if the process is cumbersome, but that’s bound to dissuade newcomers. Thankfully, many Linux distributions, including the ones featured in this , provide live-installable media. This gives you the

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Linux Format3 min cititeComputers
Samsung 980 1TB SSD
The Samsung 980 is the latest M.2 NVMe SSD to hit the virtual shelves. Unlike the Samsung 980 Pro version that came before it, this is a PCIe 3.0 drive, but keep reading. This means the sequential read and write speeds top out a lot lower than its pr
Linux Format2 min cititeSecurity
Safety & privacy
Falkon will enable you to kerb the various privacy-invading functions of JavaScript and HTML5. It also includes an XSS Auditor to block cross-site scripting attacks. Internet users are as obsessed with online advertisements as the websites and advert
Linux Format1 min cititeMathematics
Floating Point Numbers
The stack that we’ve used in the main part of this tutorial is an integer stack. So, because the integer stack cannot represent floating point numbers, if you were to type 3 2 / . , Forth will respond with 1 , which is the absolute value of the true