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While we might have talked about using “portable” versions of in terms of releases you can take with you, that’s the old release.

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Whither Jitsi Desktop?
Once upon a time Jitsi was far more than a simple web-conferencing solution. The full-blown Jitsi Desktop package worked like any other chat tool, with users able to combine one-to-one chat, audio and video messaging with group calling features acros
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Quick Tip
For general-purpose fluorescence photography you need a moderately high-powered UV torch. You should buy a so-called near longwave UV light source because these are fairly cheap, and because medium- and shortwave UV (as required, for example, to get
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Special Features
The commercial Waveform Pro is in the lead when it comes to extra features. It has a “rack” system whereby it’s possible to graphically create a linked-up arrangement of plugins that can be saved as a system. Next time you need this arrangement you c