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Build and organise a Kanban board

Project management is a tricky skill. What can start out as a relatively simple task can spiral out of hand when you get underway and discover new angles, fresh requirements and who knows what else. It’s hard enough managing a project on your own, but what if your project involves other people, too?

It doesn’t matter whether you have a project for personal or work purposes, these days the recommend approach to project management is an Agile one. Agile allows for frequent changes to the spec – both minor and major – and aims to prioritise delivery of the project in manageable chunks.

There are various forms of Agile project management available, and we’re focusing on Kanban in this tutorial – see the box for a detailed description. The logic behind a Kanban board is that it provides an overview of both the project process and its progress, encouraging you to pull tasks from the board when you’re in a position to allocate time to them rather than the other way round.

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