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Triumph Trident 660 Lams
WE HAVE SAID IT before and will most likely say a few more times in the foreseeable future: “learners have it so good these days”. I started (like most from our era) on a 100cc, then moved to a 125, leapt onto a 250 and finally, after my first year,
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Long Termers
Well, after getting to adjust to the Super Soco for the last few months, it has been returned.You will get to see what it has been replaced with, but adjusting life around an electric vehicle has been an interesting learning curve. I can’t remember w
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Who is Motorrad Tours
Motorrad Tours is an Official Travel Partner of BMW Motorrad, founded by Richard Millington, the man behind the words in this feature, and run by Chris Hone. Between them they have years of experience and literally millions of miles of route planning