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Aloha Algoa

Thwack! Thwack! We’re inundated by a huge school of dolphins feeding in the waters around St Croix Island. Their soft whistles and grunts of satisfaction fill the air, but every now and then one will thump the water with its tail. Thwack!’

“We don't know why they do it,” says Jake Keeton, manager of Raggy Charters and our skipper for the morning aboard a sleek catamaran in Port Elizabeths Algoa Bay. It could be to communicate, or to dislodge an irritating parasite, or to herd fish. Science hasnt worked it out yet.

These are Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins and were extremely lucky today. It looks like two pods have come together to feed and mate. He puts the number at around 200. For every one you see on the surface, there

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