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If you are like me and tend to jump from one DIY project to another without finishing anything in one go, having an additional work station to use from time to time is handy. Or if you have limited space in a workshop or garage, a workbench that can foldaway is the answer, This DIY workbench is attached to a wall, but folds in neatly against it when not in use. It's easy

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Algoa Bay Hope Spot
• A proclaimed Marine Biodiversity Hotspot, its six islands host half of the global population of African Penguins, 70 per cent of Cape Gannets, various species of whales, four species of dolphin, the list goes on. • The Alexandria Coastal Dunefield
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1. As the birds fly over the battlefields, it is easy to dismiss them as ‘just another swallow’ or House Martin. But the Banded Martin (Gebande Oewerswael) is a special bird, with his white breast and big brown band. Tick him flying fast and low over
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Amateur birder Peter Sullivan was chairman of BirdLife South Africa for four years, and says of his stint, “Hopefully it was because I was a good chairman, certainly not because I am an expert birdwatcher.” Well into the Covid-19 vulnerable age group