Computer Music

Optimising your computer

01 Reduce your choices! As much as it pains us to say this, having every plugin under the sun will not make you a better producer. Limiting your palette can actually help you compose – yes really! Cut down on the number of presets to choose from and you avoid the great beast that some call ‘the tyranny of choice’. The end result of this is that you will get to know fewer plugins… but better. Being in your tune).

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The 6 Best… Reverb Plugins
Like most of the reverbs here, Spaced Out does a bit more than ‘just’ ‘verb. It also has the classic Space Echo in its cross hairs, but takes the whole concept just that bit further. “You get simplicity, creativity and an amazing sound. It does invok
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#09 Dub Techno Chords
When you combine techno with the elements of dub music, you get dub techno. One of the sounds that became a classic within the genre is a synth chord stab, most often voiced as a minor chord to create a moody and emotional feel to the music. There a
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Get With The Programmers
How did you get into music software? VM “I was always a musician [see pic!]. My father had a good old Cubase and Atari ST, and when I was 10 I started programming, and pretty much knew it was going to be my livelihood. In university we had lots of