Your Pregnancy

Three great buys

Preggy Dental Care is a new toothpaste for pregnant women who might be struggling with the dental side-effects or at Pick n Pay for R79,99.

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It Happened To Me!
The nurse had a small glucose monitor, which she used to prick my index finger. “3.9,” she said. “Interesting.” I had no idea what that meant. I was here for an OGTT (oral glucose tolerance test), which was organised and executed with precision. Firs
Your Pregnancy1 min cititeMedical
When You Really Are Sick
If you’re really feeling unwell, have a temperature above 38°C or any difficulty breathing, it’s time to consult your healthcare provider. Now is not the time to self-medicate. Although paracetamol is safe for use in pregnancy, anti-inflammatories ar
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Fix Tummy Troubles
HORMONAL ISSUES: Pregnancy hormones cause a general slowing down of your bowels. Specifically, progesterone relaxes smooth muscles throughout the body, which in turn leads to constipation. CHANGES IN DIET: Very often during pregnancy, you eat differ