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his issue, we’re continuing our coverage dedicated to helping you get the most from your photography while

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Digital Camera World1 min cititeScience & Mathematics
Choose A Lens
Like bacon and eggs, wide-angle lenses and scenic photography are a classic combination. Wide-angles allow you to capture a magnificent sweeping view in a single photo, with the emphasis they place on features in the foreground making for shots with
Digital Camera World2 min cititeDesign
Posing Power
My work has a special focus on beauty and fashion. I’m passionate about creating visual stories with a cinematic edge that enhance a mood and capture emotion. As a black female photographer, I’m aware of the lack of people like myself in front of and
Digital Camera World1 min cititeScience & Mathematics
Focal Point
Over 258 pages, DC contributor James Abbott (p100) shares his image editing smarts for the Photoshop and Affinity Photo platforms.; £25/$30 Exquisite bokeh is one of the major benefits of this relaunched optic – the original was the fi