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Get A Good Night’s Sleep
IT WILL TAKE 15 minutes YOU WILL LEARN How to use your iPad to help you sleep YOU’LL NEED An iPad with iPadOS When it comes to your health and fitness, sleep is as important as exercise. The average adult needs between seven and nine hours of s
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Make More Of Contacts
IT WILL TAKE 15 minutes YOU WILL LEARN How to create groups, set nicknames and add relationships YOU’LL NEED An iPad running iPadOS, a Mac with macOS Catalina Apple’s built-in Contacts application is home to all the phone numbers, email IDs and
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Introducing IPadOS
The original 2010 iPad ran iPhone OS 3.2, renamed iOS later that year with the release of iOS 4. Over time, as the entire family of iOS devices evolved, iOS on iPad gradually gained features not available on iPhone, such as picture–in–picture and mul