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Sales Figures
The original iPad started strongly, selling 300,000 on the opening weekend, 3.27m in the first quarter, then 32m in Apple’s fiscal year 2011. Because it’s a consumer device, iPad sales always spike in the US winter holiday quarter, and on the releas
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Introducing IPadOS
The original 2010 iPad ran iPhone OS 3.2, renamed iOS later that year with the release of iOS 4. Over time, as the entire family of iOS devices evolved, iOS on iPad gradually gained features not available on iPhone, such as picture–in–picture and mul
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IPad Timeline
There have been 23 iPad models in all, in four ‘families’ — iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro. The current range includes one of each and an extra size of iPad Pro (11-inch as well as 12.9-inch). Jan 2010 The first-gen iPad arrived in the UK o