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f you remove all the vowels from your first name and then add new vowels anywhere among the remaining

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The Queen's Gambit
Recent chess films such as Pawn Sacrifice (2014) and Queen of Katwe (2016) have told the stories of real-life players (Bobby Fischer and Phiona Mutesi, respectively). This seven-part 2020 Netflix miniseries is pure fiction, but it very realistically
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In the familiar word game Fluster, players are given 16 letters (some of which may be duplicates) arranged in a four-by-four grid. They try to form words by moving from letter to touching letter — horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. All letters
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There is one place for each letter of the alphabet in the 26 empty squares of each blank column in the diagram below. Fill in each letter so that a word of at least five letters is formed reading across only. Not all of the letters to the left and ri